Wine Racks Now – Wine Can Now Be Purchased Conveniently in the Grocery Store in Oklahoma

Grocery Stores in Oklahoma are seeing a benefit from the new State Question 792 that was passed several months ago and went into effect weeks ago. More sales greatly benefit retailers who until recently were denied strong beer and wine sales.
The consumer is benefitting from the convenience of purchasing wine or strong beer to accompany dinner in the same store and at the same time as when they purchase the items for a meal. They can choose a main course and walk directly to a grocery store wine display in Oklahoma and choose wine for their meal. If they have a barbeque planned and want strong beer to go with it, they simply walk to the case and pick it up. No driving across town and walking into a designated liquor store.
If they do choose to go to a liquor store for their strong beer or wine, they can purchase ice and a cork screw at the liquor store, something they could not do before this new law was passed. Sounds like a winner all around for everyone. Cheers!
Call Wine Racks Now for all your wine racks for sale in Oklahoma needs.

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