7 Types of Parking Lot Cracks

Before you pick which method is best for treating your pavement cracks, it is important to understand the types of cracks that can happen:

  1. Transverse cracks
    The crack extends in a perpendicular fashion to the centerline or laydown direction of the pavement.
    Cause: thermal shifts and are the first to appear.
  2. Longitudinal cracks
    Longitudinal cracks run parallel to the centerline or laydown direction of the pavement and appear later than transverse cracks.
    Cause: Poor lane join construction, pavement shrinkage, hardening of the asphalt and shifts in temperature.
  3. Edge cracks
    Edge cracks develop between the edge of the pavement and concrete curbs.
    Cause: Seasonal thaw cycles that result in widening and deepening of the crack.
  4. Seam cracks
    Seam cracks develop along joints of pavement.
    Cause: Poor paving procedures
  5. Block cracks
    Block cracks develop in square pieces and are spaced between 4 to 12 feet. They often appear at the end of the pavement life.
    Cause: improper construction of base courses or lack of drainage.
  6. Reflective cracks
    Cause: Changes in the movement of the sub-base, causing the surface material to crack.
    Correcting sub-base courses can help eliminate reflective cracks.
  7. Alligator cracking
    Alligator cracking is a series of interconnecting cracks that are extensive, close together and resemble an alligator’s skin.
    Cause: Deterioration in the asphalt from repeated traffic loading.

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