Group Health Insurance – Medigap policies let you use any doctor, hospital that takes Medicare Patients…….

Medigap policies (also known as Medicare Supplements) complement your traditional Medicare by covering expenses left over after Medicare pays.

This includes the Part A (hospital) deductible and the Part B (doctor) coinsurance.  You can be left with very large expenses for lengthy hospital stays, and Medigap policies can prevent financial ruin in these cases.

When you qualify for Medicare at age 65, you have three choices; #1—Just take basic Medicare Parts A and B (premium paid for Part B) with no other coverage.  #2—Medicare Advantage is an HMO-based program where you waive your traditional Medicare and sign off your care to a local group of doctors and hospitals.  Many people like their Advantage plans.  However, you need to be aware that there can be problems if you get sick while traveling, or even more importantly, you need specialized treatment not available in your local area.  #3—Stay on traditional Medicare and buy a private Medigap policyThis is the most popular option, because it gives you access to any medical provider that accepts Medicare (most do), nationwide, and gives you the financial protection you need to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Come visit us at The McNett Agency.  We will sit with you to examine your particular situation, and find the best solution for your coverage needs.  We offer Medigap plans from leading insurers like Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Mutual of Omaha.  By the way, it costs no more to use us than “going direct” or buying off a computer website.  Premiums are the same, and you’ll have a local contact for questions and claims issues as they come up in the future.   Even if you do not do business with us, you’ll be better educated than you were before.  Contact The McNett Agency we are  located at 4500 So. Garnett, Ste. #205 in Tulsa.  Call for an appointment in our office at (918) 294-3712 or toll free at 1-866-497-7119.

We are your Oklahoma Small Business Health Insurance, Tulsa Health Insurance, and Tulsa Small Business Health Insurance pros!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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