Hausner’s Metal and Concrete Storm Shelters are your best defense in a storm.

Oklahoma is in Tornado Alley and we experience some of the most extreme weather in the nation. We experience multiple tornadoes and heavy wind storms each year. You want your family protected when storms come your way. The decisions regarding the best protection are important and you want to make the right one. We are here to help. Hausner’s has been making Tulsa Safe Rooms for over 50 years in Oklahoma and we know just what to do to protect your family from harm when Oklahoma’s worst weather comes to your neighborhood. Call Hausner’s for a consultation and read below before making a decision about what protection to purchase for your family.

Your best protection against a severe storm is a reinforced concrete or metal storm shelter that is below ground. Hausner’s has been in business for three generations, more than 50 years and we can provide you with slope front concrete shelters, flat top concrete shelters or metal drop in shelters.

If soil condition or available space prevent you from installing a storm shelter, another option is a metal drop in storm shelter or reinforced concrete storm shelter. If you have a preexisting home, Hausner’s can install one in an additional safety feature. Metal drop in storm shelters or concrete storm shelters can be used as closets or storage rooms or when there is any danger such as a break-in and it makes an excellent place to store valuables. Here at Hausner’s we can provide your family with the ultimate in storm protection whether you are looking for a slope front storm shelter, a flat top storm shelter, or a metal drop in storm shelter.

Our professionals can guide you and give you advice as to which Tulsa Safe Rooms storm shelter and Tulsa Tornado Shelter is right for you and your family. We are the Tulsa, Oklahoma storm shelters, Storm Shelters Tulsa, OKC Safe Rooms, OKC Tornado Shelters, OKC Storm Shelters pros!

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