Signs Your Asphalt Roof Has Hail Damage

Asphalt roofs are very popular styles of roofs because it’s durable and versatile.  They can be subject to damage from hailstorms. Asphalt roofing is subjectable to other damage or wear such as walking on the roof, blister rash, or other types of storm damage. It is important to tell between those types of damage and hail damaged roofs.

  1. A clear tell of hail damage is visible on the metal flashing around your roof. Due to a hailstorm, the flashing may have a series of dents.
  2. The downspouts and gutters may show mineral granules that have become loose from the asphalt shingles or rolled roofing. This may be because of hail or from other causes.
  3. The hailstorm direction is a key indicator of where most of the damage may appear on the roof. Asphalt covering, the place where the granules have been hit the most will show the shingle substrate.
  4. The asphalt roof can show clues of round-shaped, tear-drop shaped, or pitted spots where the hail damaged the asphalt roof.
  5. Shingles that are bruised or damaged, if they are not replaced, will at some point be water absorbent flowing water to the underlayment and decking beneath the roof material.
  6. Hail can cause cracks in the asphalt shingles and as time goes on, water leakage will take place.

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