Six Kinds of Coax Cable

The coax cable is a thick, strong cable that is for different kinds of home and business installs. It is very common to cable customers as being the conduit that brings cable tv signals to homes and companies.
A coaxial cable is built with an inner cable that is surrounded by an insulating cable, that is normally light plastic. A very thin metal covers the insulator, with another insulating and guard layer built around the shield. These kinds of cables are very flexible and will run through a large variety of space to deliver good digital signal.

Hard Line Coaxial Cable
Hard line cables can frequently be used for high signal strength applications, such as radio transmitters or other types of devices. Hard line cables usually can be measured up to or more than a 1/2 inch thick. For heavy duty signal transmission, a mix of popular brands are usually available. All of those produced a lot of unique kinds, with many properties and capacities.

RG-6 Coaxial Cable
RG-6 is probably the most common coaxial cable. It’s used for cable television and other types of signals, “RG” stands for “radio guide” and references the capacity of the cable. Now according to some consumer pros, an RG rating doesn’t often accurately mean the quality of the cable or the materials that it is made with. RG-6 is often used for hi-def signals, techs from cable businesses are often replacing RG-5 cables with RG-6 in customers’ homes. As the current standard, RG-6 is the most desirable cable rating for today’s houses and commercial entertainment system. RG-6 comes in many varieties, some of which have waterproofing for underwater or moisture prone places of installation.

Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable
This kind of coaxial cable has hard shielding metals and is less flexible. It could be useful in places where cable don’t have to curve around a lot of things.

Tri-axial Cable
This extra-strong cable has an extra layer of shield to stop electromagnetic interference. It could be helpful in places where the cable may be hurt by strong electromagnetic force.

Twin-Axial Cable
This paired cable is an alternative to general coaxial cables for several different installation types.
Working Coaxial Cables
If you’re working with coaxial cables on your tv, be careful to not have “signal leakage.” This happens because a cable system is not completely stored within the cables system and can make the signal strength deteriorate and leak into surrounding areas. Cable television businesses watch this and may try to disconnect your service.
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