How to Find the Best T-Shirt Printing Company

Looking to order custom gear? So, here’s the big question: how can you differentiate one custom printing brand from another?
How long have they been making custom apparel?
It takes years to master the art of printing. The number of years a company has been in business is an important factor to consider—it speaks to their quality and expertise. Most custom apparel companies are one-to-10 person shops–and every part of business in that range varies, from their speed, to their quality, service, processes, and systems.
Is customer service their top priority?
The concept of online custom apparel has been around for almost 18 years, but it’s still new in the grand scheme of ecommerce. Thus, many shoppers are still learning the processes; you want to ensure your order is printed on your deadline, with the right colors on the right garments, but don’t know the next steps. Sometimes, the best way to guarantee a perfect order is by working with (and speaking to) a real, live expert. Some custom apparel companies employ in-house Product & Design Specialists who are only a phone call away. They help keep things simple for the customer every step of the way—from offering design support to answering questions, completing your order, and solving any problems that may arise. Their main goal is, on behalf of the brand, to instill trust and put the customer first.
Does their online reputation read positive?
Verified customer reviews don’t lie—in fact, they’re the best existing source of truth if you want to learn what a certain brand value. Search a company’s name online and read their customer reviews; see what previous buyers are voicing about the brand’s quality, service, and products, then compare it to others in the industry.
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