Group Health Insurance – Medicare Open Enrollment Coming up Beginning on October 15th, 2017

If you want to review your Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage options, don’t forget that open enrollment for this purpose is coming up October 15, and will run though December 7.

During this period, you can change to another Medicare Advantage plan and change to another Medicare Part D (drug) plan.

If you want to change from a Medicare Advantage to a Medicare Supplement (some people do this to increase access to more doctors and hospitals) you can do this if you are relatively healthy, and can answer a few health questions.

The same with changing from one Medicare Supplement to another…….you can do so by simply answering  a few health questions on the application for the new insurance company.

If you are getting ready to turn age 65, all options are open to you without answering health questions.

At The McNett Agency, we specialize in health insurance Tulsa.  We are one of the best known health insurance brokers in Oklahoma.

You do not have to buy on a website, where you have to guess which plan might be best for you.  The premiums are the same if you place your plan through an experienced (34 years in Tulsa) agency like The McNett Agency.  We’ll be here when you choose a plan and when you have questions or problems in the future.  Call for an appointment in our Tulsa office at 918-294-3712.

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