The McNett Agency in Tulsa the Best for Small Business Health Insurance

Most of us love to get that “big fish” client…..that big customer that really adds to our bottom line.

Most health insurance brokers are geared to going after these big clients. As a result, most brokers don’t give much attention to their smaller customers.

Before I first opened the doors of The McNett Agency in 1982, I decided I needed to find a way to differentiate us from our competitors.

So, I decided to specialize in the small business health insurance market. Now, I have landed my share of “big fish” over the years. But, our typical group health insurance client has nine employees, some more, some less.

I decided to serve this small business health insurance market by imparting the premier, top-drawer service most brokers reserve for their “big fish” customers.

From placing a plan into a new group client’s business, exploring options as the plan renews with the inevitable premium increases, to giving great assistance with claims and billing problems, The McNett Agency keeps our clients close year after year by making it tough for a client to get the same type of good service by going elsewhere.

Need to talk to a broker interested in keeping you happy? Contact The McNett Agency  or call us at (918) 294-3712 or toll free at 1-866-294-3712. Viva small business! We want to be your Oklahoma Small Business Health Insurance, Tulsa Health Insurance, Tulsa Small Business Health Insurance Oklahoma Small Business Health Insurance, Tulsa Medicare Insurance,  and Tulsa Health Insurance company!

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