Hebert’s Meats Presents The History of Turduckens

The Turducken we all know and love when we created it in 1985. Since  Hebert’s Meats created our very first turducken, it’s been a hit and now we ship thousands of these delicacies across the United States every holiday season. But what about before that? There have been versions of our turduckens for sale in the United Kingdom for over a century. It is called a “Three Bird Roast” which is a goose, a turkey, and a chicken, stuffed and roasted all together.  Hebert’s has had turduckens for sale for decades and offers the fastest, safest, easiest way to enjoy this delicacy on your holiday table. Contact us today and order your custom made turducken. We have been helping people enjoy this very special dish for a long time and have perfected the creation and shipping methods to give you a successful meal that you will always remember and want to repeat every year. The holidays are soon upon us and our busiest season is about to begin so contact Hebert’s today for your turducken. We also have Alligator Meat For Sale!

We also offer turduckens! If you’re looking for turduckens for sale we are the place for you. We are also one of the best Tulsa creole restaurant around. So come on over and check out our Tulsa seafood restaurant that has turduckens for sale! We are the best turducken provider there is. Come and check out our Tulsa Cajun Restaurant. We are the best Tulsa Cajun Restaurant around!

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