Rica Surgical Instruments, When Quality and Manufacturing Processes are Important

Surgical products and equipment do wear out and need to be replaced on occasion, but it seems reasonable that surgical product manufacturers would produce surgical products that perform well, be of excellent quality and last a long time. This is not always the case but you can trust Rica Surgical to provide you with excellent surgical instruments and surgical products. Our surgical products are unsurpassed in quality, dependability, and endurance.

Many surgical product manufacturers purchase surgical products and instruments from third world foreign countries and relabel them as their own, claiming to have created them in a controlled, sterile, regulated environment when in fact 25% of all surgical instruments sold in the world are created in Pakistan by street vendors who use children as cheap labor to produce their surgical instruments.

Rica Surgical products and instruments are produced right here in the USA under the strictest monitored conditions and with the greatest care. If you want quality surgical products and instruments produced by professionals, contact Rica Surgical today.  For example we sell a high quality Surgical Tray Latches and satinsky clamp. We are happy to show you our manufacturing process so you can be assured you are getting quality surgical products and instruments. We are the satinsky clamps pros.

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